From my humble beginnings of doodling cartoon characters in biro in the pages of exercise books, and making my own comics sticking them together with sellotape, I’ve gone on to draw comic strips for various publications. Most notably famous British comics The Beano and Viz.

My cartoons also appear on canvas in the form of pop art paintings. They have been known to find their way into a gallery or two every now and then.

I’ve always quite liked the idea of bringing my characters to life. I discovered that the closest I can get to this is animation. Therefore I went to art college for a few years where I managed to get a bit of paper, (otherwise known as a degree) in animation and creative digital video. Since then, I’ve actually got around to making some films. Some of which have somehow made their way into several film festivals around the world.

If you would like to know anything else, feel free to email me at